Why am I feeling so tired lately and what can I do about it?

Ever feel like no matter how much sleep or rest you get; you just can't shake off that feeling of being drained, low on energy and just going through the motions?

Well, all of these symptoms are your body and mind telling you that it needs to recover. For some people; it may be that their body needs to recover,. For others, it may be that their mind is working overdrive. For many people, it can be both.

"Life is busy and what we all crave is time"

For many people, Life is busy; whether with work, or family or just trying to stay on top op things. We are so concentrated on taking care of all of these areas that we actually forget that we need some mental and physical recovery.

One of the main reasons why we feel so drained is lack of quality and/or quantity of sleep. You see the job of sleep is to recover our physical and psychological systems. During sleep we transfer memory from short term to long term, we release growth hormone for recovery, we balance our hormones', we regulate our energy and we stimulate our nervous system.


Poor quality and/or quantity does not allow our body and mind to do its job of re charging. This means that we wake up half charged; mentally and physically. This leads to our "going through the motions" days.

Now, our sleep and energy can be affected by many areas. It is almost like a domino affect. If we are not moving around, getting some natural sunlight, eating junk food and feeling overwhelmed at work this is going to lead to a number of negative chemical reactions within our body.

We will have:

A. Increased cortisol levels from our stressed work/life which will lead to increased hunger levels, poor sleep, a ride on the energy rollercoaster and a lull in mood.

B. Spurts and crashes of energy due to the consumption of high glycemic foods, on the go snacking and reactive eating.

C. Lowered focus and a groggy feeling when we don't move our body or get some sunlight.

"The domino effect"

Each of these areas affects another and this domino affect continues to happen where we sleep badly, then make poor nutritional choices and then we are too tired to move or exercise and this leads to stress and overwhelm which again leads to poor sleep.

It is a vicious loop that keeps us trapped in a feeling of underwhelm, brain fog and not on our best. There is however, some good news.

This very domino affect that can work against you can also work in your favor. Once you start to fix one area that is causing you trouble, you can have a very positive domino affect and see progress very quickly.

What I would suggest is not to train like a beast and get in shape or get a meal plan to follow.

I would focus on 2 critical steps to success to take back control of your energy;

  1. Walk in the morning or get some sunlight. This may involve walking to work in the morning or walking before you go to work. It may involves walking home from work or having a walk when you get home. The point is that your body needs to move. Moving will release dopamine to motivate you, release serotonin to boost your happiness and it will also stimulate your energy regulators. You do not need a HIIT workout or a killer workout. You need a walk.

  2. Take control of your nutrition. Do this by eating only when you are hungry. This may sound like a basic rule but 90% of the population do not understand this guideline. Before you eat anything, ask yourself "Am I hungry or is it something else?". If you are hungry, then eat. If you are not then do not eat. It is that simple. This will give you control of your eating and ultimately control of your energy levels. It may take a day or 2 to get to grips with and you may make some mistakes but it is the most powerful tool one could ever have.

Follow these two guidelines for a week and watch your mood, energy, sleep and reaction to stress transform.

For some more information on how you can break free from being tired all the time. Click the link here and get in touch. I am always free for a chat.

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