Find your direction and understand yourself

Are looking to transition in life and want to make a change
People who want to find their purpose and direction
People who know there is more to them than what they are showing now
people who know what they don't want but are unsure of what they do want
People who want to feel excited, energized and driven by their lives
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This course for people who want:


Understand yourself

Overcome Limiting beliefs

Discover your interests

Build self identity

Beat procrastination

Set meaningful goals

Overcome what is holding you back

Understand why you do what you do

Empower your nutritional choices

Double your energy levels

Master your weekends

How to eat carbs and stay lean


1 on 1 Coaching

Coaching sessions will be done via the zoom application, google meet or skype.

Each session will be structured in terms of having a clear goal, reflective practice from a previous session and a follow up on the next session.

Sessions are facilitated by me and led by you

My job as a coach is to provide a platform for you to excel. It is your life, you take control.

Each session will have resources and thought tasks to follow up on

Our Course Programs


I aim to serve and provide value and results. This is why I always offer my money back guarantee.


Session by session

This is the course curriculum and can be altered;

  • Awareness and discovery

  • Understanding yourself

  • What you value in life

  • What you like and do not like

  • Setting meaningful goals

  • Building your why

  • Structuring success

  • Building self confidence and Identity

  • Overcoming anxiety and fears

  • Follow through and focus

  • Understanding thoughts

  • Building your best you


Lets hear what my clients have to say

My personal journey with Self Direction

When I stopped drinking I realized that outside of alcohol I had no real sense of who I was, what I stood for and what I wanted to do. It was like alcohol lifted a fog but it still left me lost, the only difference was that now I knew I was lost. 

I decided to study about self development and the power of questioning, reflection and self awareness. I slowly began to discover myself, what I liked and disliked, what I wanted from life and why I acted the way I did. 

Now, I am not one of those people who are in to spirituality and I am turned off really by people who are too spiritual. Its just not my thing. More power to you if it is.


For me, I just wanted to discover who I was, what I valued from life and what was important. Understanding this gave me an opinion, an identity, a purpose and most important; a direction.

This course is about discovering you; no matter what age you are.

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