This course for people who want:

Understand how they can implement correct nutrition into their lives without feeling restricted
Empower themselves with their nutrition and break free from guilt eating
Get in the best shape of their life; wearing clothes that make them feel confident by understanding the fundamentals of how to do it
Learn about what food represents and take control of their eating habits
Increase their metabolism, immune system and gut health.
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Beyond Calories


Eat guilt free, with purpose

Boost your metabolism

Eat out/order in and feel in control

Eating for training

Build a healthy practical plate

Understand weight management

Build sustainable eating routines

Excel in your health bio markers

Manipulate macro and micro nutrients

Manage and regulate your hormones

How to hydrate effectively

Utilize carbs effectively

High Fives


1 on 1 Coaching

Weekly coaching calls based on nutrition audits, awareness and habit building

Detailed movement and exercise programming updated weekly.

Unlimited coaching access to our team members for questions

Practical eating, hydration and hormone strategies.

Technology  & Support

Training, habit tracking and movement program on our private application with videos of exercises as guides

Access to our course curriculum through our Facebook group community.

Weekly updates and reflections through our weekly check in forms.

Countless practical resources to guide you.

Our Course Programs

3 Month Program


€ 349

9 Month Program


€ 297


I aim to serve and provide value and results. This is why I always offer my money back guarantee.


Lets hear what my clients have to say

I firmly believe that for the majority of people in this world; calorie counting is not necessary. Am I saying that calories don't exist or that the science is wrong? Of course not. In my qualifications, I studied intensively about calories, macros and the energy balance. In fact, I spent more time studying about calories than anything else and that was the major problem.

We are too focused on calories. We are not focused enough on what food does for our body, what our body needs, reading our hormonal signals, taking control of our energy balance and many other empowering factors.

I firmly believe that counting calories in the modern world disempowers people and it goes against everything I stand for as a coach. My job is to empower, educate and build people from the inside out. This is why I created nutrition beyond calories.

Welcome to a whole new world of eating!

My personal journey through this course

Along with the physical benefits of nutrition; there are also so many more benefits that come along too

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