Take a short break from alcohol and rediscover your fitness, health and energy


Take a Break from alcohol so that you can:

Focus on building a more energetic, healthier lifestyle free of hangover
Get in the best physical shape of your life
Clarity, focus, productivity and concentration vastly improved
70% greater chance of weight loss, fitness and performance results
Breaking the cycle of groundhog weeks to discover something new
Reduced anxiety and increased confidence levels

Here is how the course works

Your own personal health guide

Join the Facebook group with other members

Set your goals of what you want to achieve

Build your environment

Energize yourself with nutritional guidelines

Purposeful movement in your health guide

Analyze your weekly time currency

Hydrate with alcohol alternatives

Get in great physical shape

De Stress a different way

Organize your strategies

Plan whats next

What happens when you take a break from the booze?


Improved sleep quality


Lost between 2-4 KG


Increased energy levels


Recorded financial savings


Lost between 4-8 KG

Choose your challenge today

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My personal journey through this course

I took my first and longest break from alcohol when I was 26. I needed to change the relationship with alcohol. I was binge drinking and I just felt that I was getting constantly sucked into drinking events no matter how hard I tried to stay away. It got to the point where I felt like everything I was doing involved alcohol in some way; weddings, holidays, weekends, sporting events and family occasions. I had enough of it and I decided to change everything.

I wanted to change my relationship with alcohol and I wanted to build a lifestyle outside of  drinking. It was a daunting experience for me to make the decision but what really helped me was my social support. I had a few very influential people in my life who supported me. Without them, I don't know what would have happened.


I understand that not everyone has such a good social support network and often the people that are closest to us can often hold us back. They may not understand how we are feeling and they may not be supportive if they know that you are not going to be drinking with them. (This is not to say that they are bad people. This is just what happens sometimes). With our 2 week challenge, I am going to create that support system for you; a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen to and an understanding voice to support you.

Looking forward to showing you how a simple 2 weeks may change your entire life.