Meet Conor

Health and Personal Development Coach

Firstly, I am glad you have landed on my page.


My mission with this page, with my coaching and with my message is to give people the tools so that they can live the life they want to live.

Every course, program, article and offer on this page is an area that has held me back in the past.


I feel like I have lived 2 different expat lives; one filled with alcohol, take away foods and many late nights. Although enjoyable at  certain times; it took its toll on me mentally and physically. At 26, I just decided that that wasn't the lifestyle I wanted. I wanted something more from my life and that's when things changed.

I started to take care of myself. For me, this involved quitting alcohol for a while and getting out of the hole I was in. I started to get a clear head, I felt better about myself and I started to discover so much about myself. Just because alcohol was my game changer, doesn't mean it needs to be yours.

This is why I have created our 4 courses, because I realize that everyone has a different start point on the road to success. For someone people it may be the combo of a healthy Body and healthy Mind, for others it may be building a body they are proud of, for many expats; learning about nutrition can be a game changer. My particular game changer was alcohol and finding my direction. After this, everything else fell in to place.

These days; I help people find their game changers. So reach out and lets get started.

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