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Helping Men and Women:

  • Lose 5-15kg

  • Master Nutrition beyond calories

  • Manage a busy social life with Health

  • Build confidence

Online Nutrition, Health and Personal Development Coaching

Meet Conor

BED Physical Education, PT, Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Firstly, I am glad you have landed on my page.


My mission is to give people the tools so that they can be confident and live an energetic lifestyle that they love.

The question I always ask people is "What is holding you back from living the lifestyle you want to live?"

For some people it may be being overweight, others may be feeling like they are just going through the motions, others it may be needing to balance their social lives; for me personally I knew there was more to me than the lifestyle I was living.


I feel like I have lived 2 different lives; one filled with alcohol, take away foods and many late nights. Although enjoyable at  certain times; it took its toll on me mentally and physically. At 26, I just decided that wasn't the lifestyle I wanted. I wanted something more from my life and that's when things changed.

I started to take care of myself.............


What do I help people achieve?

Build confidence and direction

Unlock nutrition beyond calories

Building a Body you are proud of

Put Alcohol in its place 

Revive your health and performance 


Boost your metabolism and activate your immune system

Take control of your habits, routines and lifestyle

Create a clear vision and be who you want to be

Be shrewd with your time currency

Wake up feeling clear, focused and ready

Are you struggling to balance your social life and work life with your health?

Let me show you how to build energy and fitness without sacrificing your social life or grueling workout regimes 


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